What type of team sports can use PLEDGE IT?

PLEDGE IT empowers teams at all levels of sport raise money for any cause. We’ve worked with a countless number of college teams across the US. Any type of team sports can use PLEDGE IT. There are no restrictions.

Here is a list of team sports that have used PLEDGE IT in the past at the college level:

  •      Football
  •      Boys & Girls basketball
  •      Baseball
  •      Boys & Girls soccer
  •      Softball
  •      Field Hockey
  •      Ice Hockey
  •      Boys & Girls golf
  •      Boys & Girls lacrosse
  •      Boys & Girls swimming
  •      Boys & Girls tennis
  •      Boys & Girls track
  •      Boys & Girls skiing
  •      Boys & Girls volleyball
  •      Wrestling

Don't see your sport type listed here? You can easily add your sport type when creating your fundraising campaign!

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