What Email Notifications do supporters receive?

Great question! PLEDGE IT designed an incredible email notification system that keep your supporters updated on your fundraising campaign. Supporters will receive an automated confirmation email after they pledge. Supporters will also receive an automated email after every game is finalized. This email will include their pledge amount and the amount that was finalized by the campaign manager.

Supporters will receive an email that let’s them know when their credit card will be charged. Shortly after receiving the email about their credit card being processed, they will receive a confirmation email with an official receipt.

nonprofits do not need to issue a receipt to supporters for their contribution. We recommend that you send them a thank you email after the campaign has ended.

Supporters will also receive an email at the end of the campaign with a short campaign recap and a list of all their pledges.

Supporters will also receive a few emails during the campaign that encourage them to share your fundraising campaign on social media and to get more involved with the campaign.

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