I am an athletic director. How can my team sports use PLEDGE IT?

“How can I save money?” and “How can I increase revenue?” are probably two questions you have asked yourself in the last year. We get it! As school boards cut budgets and the pressure to generate more revenue, you are being forced to roll up your sleeves and get more involved with fundraising campaigns. Fundraising has become a top priority for you.

PLEDGE IT is the perfect fundraising tool for athletic directors for the following reasons:

  • Every team in your program can use it
  • There is no upfront cost
  • It’s free to set up and launch fundraising campaigns
  • Student-athletes love it because it’s online and easy to use
  • It’s fully integrated with social media – making it easy to share
  • Parents prefer it over traditional fundraising – it’s safe and students don’t need to go door-to-door
  • PLEDGE IT provides helpful guides and always available when you have questions

If you any questions about how your teams can use PLEDGE IT please contact us at support@pledgeit.org.

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