I am a booster member. Can booster clubs use PLEDGE IT?

Yes. PLEDGE IT works with booster clubs, usually in conjunction with a high school coach or athletic director.

Too many high schools across the country are faced with shrinking budgets. Unfortunately, high schools are cutting athletic programs as a first measure. Coaches are being asked to lead fundraising efforts. In response, to this new role coaches are turning more to their booster club members to help run and organize fundraising campaigns.

We understand that as a booster club member you are always looking for fundraising ideas that will save you time and help you exceed your fundraising goals. Creating a campaign only takes a few minutes. After you create and launch your campaign, our team will send you a complete guide on how to promote your fundraising campaign.

Plus, traditional fundraising options are too expense. Most traditional fundraising options only pay back 50% of the total funds raised to the team or school. These high fees drain fundraising efforts and require you to continue spending more time on fundraising. PLEDGE IT is afford and you will save close to 90% of the money you raised through your fundraising efforts!

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