I am a high school coach. How does PLEDGE IT save me time fundraising?

Too many coaches today have to spend more time fundraising to keep their programs alive than coach. Thousands of high schools all over the country are faced with shrinking budgets. Coaches are increasingly being asked to lead fundraising efforts at their schools – on top of being expected to be a legendary coach, great role model, and strong mentor.

At PLEDGE IT, we believe coaches should coach. We built PLEDGE IT to help coaches spend less time fundraising and more time coaching.

For starters, creating a campaign only takes a few minutes. After you create and launch your campaign, our team will send you a complete guide on how to promote your fundraising campaign.

Secondly, your team and school will save a lot more money using our online sports fundraising platform than you would with traditional fundraising options. Most traditional fundraising options only pay back 50% of the total sales to the team or school. These high fees drain fundraising efforts and require you to continue spending more time on fundraising.

Lastly, our team is here to support you at every stage of your fundraising campaign. If you have a question our team will have an answer.

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