Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Campaign

Interested in launching an online fundraising campaign with PLEDGE IT? Check out this article to learn how to sign up and create your fundraising campaign from start to finish.

Sign Up

Go to and click the Start A Campaign button in the top right corner. Enter your full name, email address, and password on the register page. Lastly, click the Create Your First One Now! button to start building your first fundraising campaign.

Add Basic Information

Enter your basic information in this section. You will need to select a campaign name and a unique campaign URL. You'll also need to select the type of sport, pledge stat, event type, pledge stat estimate, total fundraising goal, and pledge goal.

Tell Your Story

Write a compelling campaign headline and description. It’s probably the hardest part of creating a compelling fundraising campaign so take time on this section. You can also add a video to your fundraising campaign. It's optional but we recommend adding a short video.

Add Your Schedule

Use this section to add each game or event during your campaign. Fundraising campaigns can vary in length. We recommend to launch a season long, single game, weekly, or monthly campaign.

Select A Recipient

Click on the Funds section. Provide information about the recipient of the funds. Include the organization name, EIN, address, city, state, zip code. Click Request verification. Our team will review your request to determine if your recipient is an official 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Customize Your Campaign

Use this section to add your main campaign image. A picture is worth a thousand words so pick an image that is clear. You can also select a color scheme and an overlay.


Click the Launch button when you are ready to launch your campaign. Remember, your fundraising campaign can stay in preview mode until you are absolutely ready to begin fundraising.

If you need help promoting and sharing your campaign please check out the following guide.

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