How can I involve the local community with my campaign?

Receiving the support of businesses in your community can be a key for campaign success. There are several creative ways to involve businesses and incentives to provide them for participation.

Here are our top suggestions for getting local business involved with your campaign:

  • Make a Pledge. Simply ask the business to make a pledge or one-time donation to support your campaign.
  • Matching Pledges. By matching the first 50 (or any number) of people to pledge to the campaign, the business is helping to incentivize the rest of the community to make pledges. Pledges will know that their pledge is essentially being doubled because of the business’ support (the total donation can be capped at a selected amount). Not to mention the positive publicity this gives the business.
  • Giveaways to Supporters. This option works perfect with restaurants and retail businesses e.g. convenience stores, clothing stores. The business can incentivize higher pledge amounts from donors by offering giveaways or discounts for different levels of pledges (e.g. anyone pledging $1 or more per touchdown will receive a free slice of pizza from Johnny’s Pizza).
  • Make them a Featured Supporter. You can incentivize a business further by offering to include them as a Featured Supporter on your campaign page. You can also include a link to their website directly on your campaign page.

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