How can I better engage my contacts to actively promote the campaign?

Make them run laps until they agree to participate? Not exactly. The best way to get them excited about the campaign is to clearly communicate with them about the goal of the campaign, why it matters, and how it works. Players love the idea that their performance is directly earning funds for their team.

Want more ideas? Here are some additional incentives to engage players:

  • Invite players to become Fundraisers. Athletes love public recognition. Creating a public profile on your team’s page is a great way for them to compete and be recognized as fundraising champs! To create a profile, players can:
    1. Visit your team page and select “Become a Fundraiser”
    2. Follow the few easy steps to create a profile
    3. Share their profile page with friends and family, asking them to pledge for every touchdown your team scores
    4. Climb the leaderboard with every pledge they receive!
  • Set pledge goals. Ask each player to collect a target number of pledges. We recommend that they ask 10-15 friends and family members. Make each individual pledge goal attainable too.
  • Reward with swag. Players love swag of any kind. T-shirt, hats, and wristbands. If it has your logo on it, they want it. Incentivize players to generate pledges by rewarding them with swag for their participation.
  • Let them know what they are fundraising for. Players are more motivated to be active in a campaign if they know they are raising money for other children with cancer or to purchase new uniforms.

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