Who should I target to support my campaign?

The more people who know about your campaign, the more you can raise. To help make your fundraising campaign a success, you’ll need to get plenty of people to show their support and pledge.

Target the following groups:

  • Friends & family (within and outside of local community)
  • Coaching staff (all coaches at your school)
  • Non-profit donor base (if applicable)
  • Non-profit sponsors and partners (if applicable)
  • Teammates
  • Student clubs (other teams and non-sports teams)
  • Boosters
  • Faculty members (administrators, teachers, cleaning staff)
  • Alumni (if applicable)
  • Local businesses
  • Social media followers
  • Local Media (read How to Get Local Media to Write About Your Fundraiser)

Targeting these groups and any other groups with an interest in supporting your team is the easiest way to promote your campaign. Be relentless in your efforts.

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