What is a PLEDGE IT Group Campaign?

Group Campaigns are nonprofit organization or school specific. The Group Campaign feature allows an organization or school to recruit more than one team or athlete to launch a campaign from their Group Campaign page. It also acts as the main landing page for promoting a new fundraising program while displaying all the teams and athletes in one spot. For example, a nonprofit with connections to teams or athletes could use the Group Campaign feature to highlight all of the teams they work with. Check out this example of a Group Campaign for a nonprofit.

Additionally, an athletic director could set up a Group Campaign to keep track of how fundraising progress for all the team sports at their school.

Lastly, PLEDGE IT has the ability to set various fields in the campaign creation process as default or locked. This helps fundraisers quickly set up and launch campaigns without having to worry about details only a coach, athletic director, or nonprofit manager would know.  If you would like to learn more about our Group Campaign feature, please contact us at support@pledgeit.org.

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