Performance-based fundraising vs. traditional fundraising

Performance-based fundraising enables teams and athletes to raise money from their community or followers by simply playing the sport they love. Each team or athletes can promote their fundraising campaign online, reaching people outside of their community such as out of state family or friends.

Performance-based fundraising campaigns also produce a higher level of player and community engagement. Coaches prefer performance-based fundraising to traditional fundraising activities because it allows them to coach more and spend less time fundraising. Parents like that performance-based fundraising eliminates safety concerns of traditional door-to-door fundraising. Lastly, performance-based fundraising campaigns raise three times more than traditional fundraising activities because campaigns can reach more people and teams keep more money.

Traditional fundraising consists of bulk purchasing food or candy products with the intent of selling those products to family or friends at a later today. Other traditional fundraising activities include car washes, hosting an event, or selling raffle tickets. Traditional fundraising activities offer limited engagement with teams and the community. More importantly, some teams and athletes only keep 50% of their fundraising efforts due to extremely high margins from product-based fundraising companies.

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